Born in Pietrasanta 1984 , Giacomo Biagi lived in Viareggio until he was 19. His interest in photography began at the age of ten,
but only after acquiring his high-school degree in art did he decide to pursue a career in photography.
He moved to Milan, where he attended a three-year Masters course in photographic arts at the European Institute of Design.
At first drawn to journalistic photography, he later chose to specialize in ADV Photography and post production.
He has worked as retoucher for a number of photographers.
Giacomo is an independent photographer, conducting shoots himself and then working on his own post-production art.
His images are individual and his talents manifold.
He shoots with ease both in studio and on location, without compromising  the final outcome.
In 2008 he won the Cristal Prize at the Meribel ADV Festival with a Nintendo DS campaign for which he was also shortlisted at the CLIO Awards and Italian ADCI.
In 2009 his Volkswagen King Arthur image won the bronze prize at The Epic Awards, two bronze prizes in Italian ADCI, a shortlisting at the ClioAwards, One Show and Italian ADCI.
This same campaign appeared in the January 2010 edition of the prestigious magazine, Archive. he has produced character portraits for films and documentaries such as “3 Lire Primo giorno” and “Un SognoSerio” to be used in posters and other publicity material.
Giacomo continues to work in ADV.  His clients now include Volkswagen, BMW, BMW Motorrad, Land Rover, Nissan, Fairy, Sisal, Nike, Kellogg’s, Tempi Magazine, Volta Shoes, Gazzarini One G, Down Town, Enel,Azonzo Travel, Make My Day Mag,Eni,Snam,Sky,Sky Magazine,Grupalia,Gazzetta Dello Sport,Vodafone Ita,Nestle,Nelsen , Cellularline.