Open Tournament 2018
Cycle polo is a team sport, similar to traditional polo, except that bycicles are used instead of horses. There are 2 versions of the sport: grass and hardcourt bike polo. The hardcourt game has seen a sharp spike in interest as of 2007 and new teams are sprouting up across the world - in China, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, France, India, Germany, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, England, Scotland, Argentina, Italy, Spain, USA, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Nepal, Brazil and Cuba.

Milano Bike Polo ( www.milanobikepolo.com ) organized OPEN TOURNAMENT 2018.

The tournament hosted all the best Cyclo Polo team in Italy end some of the best in Europe.
The event was in Milano.
Client : Milano Bike Polo ( www.milanobikepolo.com )
Photography : Giacomo Biagi 
Event production : Milano Bike Polo
Client : Bike Polo Milano